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Hey guys, this is my first stroy so please forgive me for any mistakes. My name is Shaam I’m 6 feet tall, fair with a slim body structure. The incident happened a year ago with my best friend Appy, she is 5 feet 5 in approx and has small tits but a perfect round ass and pure white body. We are very good friends and hugging and pecking on the cheeks never felt awkard. We used to sit together in the bus while coming back from college.

We used to be very tired by our daily activities so we generally sleep in the bus one day I wasn’t able to sleep but my head was on her shoulders (her hair smelt great) and my hand slid over her boobs as the road was uneven oh my! It was the first time I pressed someones boobs so perfectly. They were so soft that even a paper would bounce back then slowly and suddenly I slide my hands between us and it reached between our thighs as she was wearing a short skirt.

I touched her bare thighs they were so creamy I can’t get my hands off. I tried moving my hand up with the bus movement as I didn’t want to get caught only this much happened and her stop came. She woke me up, as my stop was next and she slapped me. I asked her why did she slap to which she said you look cute sleeping. I was happy to hear that and I went home and masturbated thinking of her boobs and thighs as we were very close,

I called her up to my home for a movie as I was home alone that evening. She came in a sexy black one piece. I asked her the reason behind her dressing that way to which she said it was random. I was happy to see that and I kept my hand loose so that they touched her assets when we passed each other then i started a girly movie and we both sat on the couch. The movie was boring for me so i started working my way to her pants by adjusting my head over her shoulder.

She looked at me and smiled she held my arm and loosened it such that her hand was just above my dick. I controlled it. Then the girl started to kiss in the movie to which I had a boner which touched her hand. I acted as if nothing happened and she dint move her hand. My dick was hurting a lot as it wanted to be free from the trap. I then planted a kiss on her neck and moved myself as if I was adjusting my self, she said,”I know what you are up to!

I was expecting this but I waited for her response. Then she said that if you really want to do this, then let’s not wait. I heard this and planted a kiss on her extra soft lips and took her to the bedroom. I threw her on the bed and jumped over her removing my shirt, she kissed my chest and rolled her tongue all over. It was the best feeling till now (I never expected there was more to come) I pulled her out of her dress and saw her pink lingerie contrasting to her white body.

I licked her navel and finally started pressing her boobs suddenly she pushed me on the side I was amazed. Then she pulled down my shorts and took my dick in her hand this was so cool. I had never seen my dick so large before she looked me in my eyes and I just smiled. She started sucking my dick then like I had seen in the best porn ever. I came in no more that 5 minutes on her face, she smiled at me and asked her to return the favor so

I snatched her panties off, popped her bra out and started to lick her pussy it was all I had ever dreamt of, it didn’t taste good but I was happy to do it then she released her juices all over me which she later licked from my face and swalloed. We kissed for a long time, exploring our bodies and mouths. By which my dick stood again. She was happy to see it and whispered in my ear, “fuck me baby” I was on seventh cloud hearing that.

I sat over her belly, held my dick and directed to her pussy. She took hold on my hand and pushed it inside. She screamed like hell which worried me, but I continued knowing she was a virgin and I had to break the hymen to move any further so I started pushing harder and harder and finally I was through. She was moaning aaaahhhhhhhhh, fuck me baby, fuck your little doll, I know you love my tits aahhhhh fuck your little whore.

I kept on fucking her until I felt like cumming. I took my dick out and inserted it in her mouth forcefully to which she nearly choked. I came in her mouth and she had tears in her eyes she was looking so fucking beautiful. I kissed her again and then we cleaned each other and dressed up we then completed the movie and she left after giving me a blowjob.

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