Divya Likes Her Guest Faculty

Hi this is Chinna again with a new Story. Thanks for liking my story and giving mails. Anyone want to mail me my mail id is [email protected] Let me introduce me again. I am 32 years old and 5.7” height and well built. I have good length of my manhood which can satisfy any lady. I stay in Bangalore now and was working for a very reputed company while the story happened. Let me tell you this happened around 5 years back and I was taking Guest Lectures in reputed Engineering colleges. We had leave on Saturday and Sunday so I was taking lectures on Saturday while colleges were open.

Let me enter into the story. I took lecture on one of the subject and came to back to Bangalore as usual started with my work. Suddenly when I was in my room in the evening I got a call from unknown number and when I lifted the call there was a sweet voice saying “hello sir” to me. I thought when did I become a Sir. Then I realized that someone from some college where I gave lecture would be calling for some doubts. She said I am Divya and studying in xyz college and want to talk to you for some time. She told about all the details in which branch she is studying and which year and other things. I was so amazed and started talking. Then she used to call me every evening and in while I was in office also. I was working in lab and testing load on my servers and was pretty much alone so I could manage to talk for long hours. Topics went on from studies to personal things.

Days passed by but I could not meet her. I told her to send her pic to me; immediately she sent the scanned copy of the pic and I was thrilled she was so pretty. She passed out of 3rd year and was about to go to 4th year. She was in house and sent me her house address. I bought a beautiful gift from Jaynagar and courier her to her home. She was impressed. Next I asked her when she is coming to college she told the date. So I went to her native on the day when she was travelling and I first saw her in real on that day. She was stunning better than what she is in the pic. She has a good figure long straight hair and her features were stunning. I booked two tickets before hand for myself and for her in a Volvo bus and it was a one night journey.

The first time I was with her beside her with blankets. I did not lose the opportunity. She was ready to offer me what she has and in the bus when all the lights are off we started playing. I started to play with her nipples with the cloths on and she started to play with my tool over my pants. The film which the bus was playing got over and every one were in deep sleep. Slowly I started to put my hands into her dress and started kiss her oh my god her lips are so rose without any lipstick. They were very fresh and juicy we had a very long kiss and you know what she was responding very well. With one hand I started to insert into lower dress and started creasing her pussy. The panty was already wet for her. She started to unzip my pant to touch my tool. I think this is the first time she is trying to hold the manhood. I helped her in unzipping and she put her hand inside my pant and took out my tool and started playing with it up and down.

I asked her to give me a blowjob. First she did not agree but after asking for some more time agreed. She bent over from her seat and started sucking my tool. It was amazing. She did so nicely like sucking a lollypop. I got exited and ejaculated in her mouth itself. And then I asked to remove her lower but she did not agree she told she will remove up to her thighs. She removed her panty also and I started fingering her. I have put my finger inside her pussy and gave a good strokes. She climaxed and then we started to kiss again. She wore her dress back and I asked her I want to kiss her nipples. She agreed and there was zip behind her dress. She asked me to lower the zip and she unbuttoned her bra and got the entire view of her beautiful melons. I bent over her and started to kiss her nipples and she was controlling her sounds she wanted to moan but we are in bus. I kept my hand over her mouth and started sucking her nipples. I was amazing. The entire thing was under the blankets as the bus people gave everyone a blanket because of A.C. We did not sleep entire night. We kissed for many times and she made me ejaculate for 3 times with her hand only. She got satisfied my fingers only. I do not know whether she climaxed or not. The morning the bus dropped us we departed. She went to college and I took a hotel room in the town and slept well and booked a ticket to Bangalore on the night. I came to Bangalore and everything was as usual.

Next 6 months nothing much happened just we were talking with each other. I took a room separately near my office by then. Then her final semester started with a project. She wanted to a project in a company in Bangalore and I recommended her in my office. Divya came to Bangalore to do her project and was staying in a hostel in the city. Then actual thing started. While I was alone in the room I invited her to my room and after little hesitation she agreed to come to my room on Saturday I bought her to my room in the morning itself and I had all the cooking stuff. I will tell what happened in the room in my next episode with the same title. Until then imagine what would have happened and in the room and satisfy yourself.

Hope you have enjoyed in the story. Please write to me your comments and wait for my next episode. 

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