My First And Memorable Story

Hello to all readers.This is the 1st time I am writting my story. I am a regular reader. I am 22 years old now. I started getting interested in sex and the world of porn when I was 11yrs through the stories that I used to hear from my friends in school. We used to fantasize about our beautiful and hot sexy teachers who used to teach us. This incident happened when I was just 18 years old in train while I was travelling to Kerala.

I know you may think this is fake seeing my age and the girl’s age but this is not a fake story. This story is reguarding me (John) and a girl named (Jenni) both name changed. Starting with the story. My summer vacation had begun and we my mom, grandmom and me we boarded the train from LT terminus in morning. We got our seat, it was a sleeper class, and the train started and reached Thane station the rest of the crowd started entering.

There were 2 ladies and their 2 daughter in the same place and they had the seat in front of us reserved.The train started and our jouney began. The other 2 window seat was still not occupied. I wanted to sit near the window so I sat there. My mom and granny and the other 2 ladies became friendly and started their chit-chat. It was around 11 am now. As I mentioned above there were 2 girls, the younger was sitting with her mom while Jenni came and sat in front of me near the window.

As she sat there she gave me a smile and I also smiled backed at her. She was a pretty looking kerlite girl dark and beautiful.She haden’t reached her puberty yet but for a guy of my age she was beautiful.At 1st I didn’t have any wild thoughts about her. Then I took a chance and asked about her name place etc. We introduced ourself. She said that she is born and brought up in Kerala and came here to visit her cousins for holidays and now going back home. Then we became very friendly.

Then her small sister came and I was playing with her then we 3 were playing mischief.It was lunch time now. We had our lunch.After lunch I again sat in the same place and Jenni also sat in front same place. Our parents were all drowsy and so decided to sleep but I wasn’t sleepy neither Jenni. So we were talking and all, later he foot were near me I just touched it and tickled her under her foot. She started giggling and told me to stop.

After some time I stopped and within seconds she pounced on me and started tickling me, we both were tickling,beating,biting giggling and having mischief. Then we were kind of tired and stopped. I told her I am going up to sleep. She asked me are you sleepy I said not exactly just to lie down and went up. Then after I went up she was sitting in my place and looking out. After some time I told her to come up she asked why I just said come up and she came. She sat there

I told her to lie down and she lied on the inner side facing me and I was facing her. We were just casually talking about our school and friends and I noticed that my cock was excited and slowly geeting harder as her knee was touching my cock, but not intentionally. Then I asked her about her friends and any boys in their list but she said she only has girl friend and no boys in her list.

Then she asked me I told I have only boys as friends as I am in a boy’s school. I then asked her do you have any one special she blushed and said no she asked me and I said no cause I didn’t find anyone as beautiful as you. She was blushing again and smiled again. She covered her face with shyness. I took her hand in mine and asked her do you like me she said as a friend I like you. I was looking at her beautiful dark face with her cheeks full of blush.

Without even telling her I kissed on her left cheeks.She was looking at me and didn’t say anything. Then I kissed on her right cheek, her forhead and as I reached her lips she stopped me, telling this is not right someone might see. I looked down everyone were sleep and told her. But she said no or she will go I said ok I wont kiss you there but don’t go and she stayed.

Then she was sleeping on her back facing upward, I went close to her and put my leg over her and my cock was rubbing on her thigh. I again kissed her on her cheecks and hugged her and slept next to her. She didn’t mind that. I was rubbing my cock and moving my knee near her pussy area. I was touching her smooth face and hand she was biting my finger when I used to touch her lips. It was driving me wild. I was kissing her all around her face her ears and also her neck and from down felling her pussy with my knee.

As she she was not stopping me I knew she was enjoying it. Then I slowly moved my hand down took her tops up and touched her bare stomach.She was enjoying it and she also hugged me. Then I moved my hand down to her pussy area over her jeans felt it

Then while smooching I tried to open her jeans button but it was tight I slowly removed her zip and moved my hand in. As soon as my hand went in she stopped me told me not to do that and turned the other side facing the wall. She closed her zip. I said ok I won’t do that but she did not want to face me so I started pleasuring her from back. We were in side postion and I rubbed my cock on her bulgy soft ass.

I was kissing her on her neck her shoulder her ear and I gave my finger to her to bite. She bite me hard and it made me wild and I bite her slowly on her neck. I once again looked down but all were a sleep. Then I moved my hand on her bare stomach felt her navel hole she loved it. I went up and touched her nipple squeezed it and again played with her stomach. She was moaning slowly “Ahh esssss ahhh essssmm issss mmmm.

We both were enjoying and my cock was enjoying her soft ass. Then again I moved my hand to her pussy and started feeling it over her jeans. We both were sweating and I was licking on her back shoulder and neck biting her and felling her. She just loved it.Suddenly she was so excited she was about to cum. She stopped me,telling she wants to go to toilet to pee I knew she was to cum I told her not to go be here she said she cant bare it and want to go. I could’nt stop her and she went.

I thought she would come up again but she didn’t and went to her seat and slept there. I also needed to jack and so I went to the toilet jacked and came and slept. Everyone woke up in evening. I sat near the same window seat having tea and Jenni woke up went to fresh up and came but didnt sit in front of me.She was sitting in between her aunt and mom. Both our family were chit-chatting.

The small baby girl came to me and she was playing with me.In between I used to look at Jenni but when I looked she looked the other way. We both were felling a kind of embaressed. I didn’t talk to her nor did she come and sit near me. It was 8.00pm and dinner time. Everyone had dinner. At around 9.30pm everyone was ready to sleep. Mom asked me to sleep I told I’ll sleep after sometime.

Jenni was sleeping on the lower birth while I was sleeping on top. Lights were all off by 10.15pm. After some time I went to sleep on top but I couldn’t thinking about afternoon and why Jenni would’nt talk. I wanted to jack. I went to the toilet jacked and came. Jenni was sleeping but I wanted to be next to her. I sat near the window where she was sleeping. I looked at Jenni she was sleeping upside down with her ass facing up.

She had changed her jeans and worn tights I could see her underwear too I slowly touched her ass,they were smooth I squessed it slowly,then I kissed it and came up to sleep. As I was about to sleep I felt something near my feet and as I opened my eyes it was Jenni. I was shocked and also happy to see her as I thought she wouldn’t talk. As she came up I asked what happened she said she couldn’t sleep and wanted to sleep with me.

I agreed. She knew I squeesed her ass and she asked me why you didn’t call I said I thought you didn’t want to talk to me so I didn’t call. She said I didn’t as I was afraid so I asked what now she said everyone is sleeping and don’t think they’ll wake up so soon. She was sleeping on her back facing me and I was on the side facing her. She said what are you looking don’t you love me now I said I love you very much and she said she love me too.

I was soo happy we just started smooching and kissing each other,hugging ,cuddling ,biting etc.

I was on top of her. We were kissing each other so passionately. I was nosing her and kissing her on her neck her chest her shoulder. We were even biting each other which made me wilder and turn me on more. As she was wearing her her thights I could feel her legs and pussy more easily. While kissing and fondling her ass from inside her underwear I made her fell my cock.

I took her hand and made her fell it inside my underwear. She fondled it for sometime. Then I stopped kissing I went down kissed her naval and stomach. She loved it. She was moaning in pleasure “ahhh esss johnnnmmm sssaa”I went near her ears and told her that I am going to make you feel better so please dont shout loud. I gave her an hanki told her to keep it in her mouth when she’ll fell like shouting she laughed and said ok.

I went down removed her thights saw her pussy for the 1st time I touched it it was wet. I started licking it. Her juice was like real fruit juices for me. She was moaning and I was scared somone might hear. I went up and told her to keep quiet. I took the hanki and told her to put inside her mouth and she did.Then I went down again and started smooching her pussy licking it fingering it lightly. I could hear her moans “mmmmmm aammmmm” I went up to her removed her hanki and kissed her a lot.

She told that she loved what I did down and wanted me to do more.But her moans were to loud she pleaded me then I told her to please me too. She asked how I told her to suck my cock too. She first diagreed but then gave into it.We turned to 69 position and I was sucking her pussy and she was sucking mine. She was loving it and me too and she even cummed and when she did she bit on my thighs as she could not scream very badly and lucky not my cock. But now I wanted to fuck her.I licked all her cum and came up to her. She was breathing heavily and smiling and telling I love you John love you so much and all. But the main part was still left.

I told her it’s not over yet there is something still bigger she asked what and I told that I would be fucking her.Then it would be alright she agreed. We were kissing and smooching each other.I removed her tops and mine too now we were fully naked.I kissed her all over her face,neck chest and licked her nipples too.I rubbed her pussy so that it becomes wet and took some spit in my hand lubricated her pussy and my cock.

We kiss alot. Then I spread her leg told her to be quiet,I placed my cock near her pussy and slowly started pushing. I was pushing it slowly. As my 1st quarter entered she moaned in pain ahh its paining.I stopped and waited for few second then I pushed in more and pushed in 1/2 of my cock she was in pain and moaned in pain again. She asked me to stop and I waited again for her. In that state we were kissing and then again

I slowly placed my mouth in her mouth and pushed it in one stroke and she screamed inside my mouth. Her eyes were wide open and tears were dripping due to pain. She eve scratched me on my back and even hit me hard on my back. I stayed in there without moving for few more minutes. She was in tears and crying in my ears due to pain. I consoled her and stopped her from crying and slowly kissed her to calm her down.

After she calmed down I looked at her and said I love you. She to said I love you.I asked can we start and she agreed saying do it slow.I moved my hand under her ass and squeesing it I started my slow moments in and out and she was also moaning in pain in my ears and saying “ahhh mm mm mm ah mmm oh oh ah mm I love you ah ah johnn ah ah slow ahah ah It was turning me on more and more and I started increasing my speed. I was hitting nice and hard in each stroke.

I asked do you like it she said “yes ahahah ahah ah ah ah mmmmm” and I said do you want more she said “aa mmmm aahah mm yesss mm”and I started hitting her hard in each and every stroke,and after sometime it was time for me to cum. I looked at her once more said I love u she too replied the same. I said I am going to cum and inside her she said ok. I smooch her and started hitting her fast, I reached climax I bit her on her neck and she also bit me in return hard and I cummed inside her. I collapsed on her and we were breathing heavily. Then after getting our breath back I slowly kissed her cheeks and removed my cock out of her wet pussy. We slept there for sometime,then started wearing our dress. I cleaned her pussy and my cock with the hankerchief which I gave her.

I cleaned her blood stains and all our juices. She said she was in pain. I said it would be fine after few hours. Then we went to the toilet freshnd up and came back. She couldn’t walk properly due to her 1st loving fuck.Before coming I kissed her again since it was my last kiss with her. She went to sleep and I also slept. After a few hours I was woken up by my mom as our station was coming at around 6:30 am.

I wanted to call Jenni but didn’t know how my parents would react. Her mom had woken up also. I wanted to say her goodbye but could not. I do miss that. If Jenni (the real name girl) is reading this story.

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