My Friend’s Wife Is Mine

Hi Friends, this is Rahul from Kerala. I’m a Engineering graduate now working in an IT firm. I am not that kind of person who can narrate anything well. But I decided to share my experience here. I am an average person. I had a friend Nishad.

Though we were of different age group, there was a good friendship among us. He is 4 years older than me. He had an affair with one of his relative. She was studying in my school in 12th while I was in my 10th standard. They had used to seek my help for communicating as their parents didn’t like their relation.

But they had used to meet at any of our friends place when there was no one else there and I had used to stay out side as a guard. Later he went abroad and her family shifted from there. After 3 years I was staying in my hostel as a B.Tech student at Ernakulam.

One day I received a call in my mobile from an unknown number. To my surprise it was him. He told me that he is coming for leave and would be arriving at Nedumbaseri airport (at Ernakulam itself) I should be there to receive him and should arrange a car also.

I agreed and reached there with my friend’s car on the date and picked him. He asked me to drive him to some bar hotel. In the hotel room we started chatting while having drinks. He told me that he had been in contact with his lover through phone and their parents are still not agreeing for their marriage. So they had decided to register marriage and needed my help. I readily agreed and he asked me to search out a rent house for them.

With lots of friends it was easy for me and arranged a flat for them and they registered the marriage and started living together in the flat. Their parents were not ready to accept them even after the marriage. So the one and only friend for them was me. Their flat was near my college and I had been their usual visitor. After 4 months his leave was over and he had to return. He asked me to be there for any help for her. And I agreed with pleasure. She had got a job there in private company as accountant.

Two weeks after he had left, one Saturday morning I received a call from her. She asked me to meet her at her flat and I reached there in my bike. I found her dressed in a nice saree and she asked me to come with her to meet a doctor. I took her to a street where lots of doctors were living in my bike. There we consulted a lady doctor. Doctor after checkup came to me and congratulated me. I was in a surprise that what is going on!

Doctor told me that am going to be a father. Hearing this turned to her and she signaled me not to tell anything. Doctor then gave us the prescription and some advices about the practices during period of pregnancy and then told me not to disturb her for at least 2 months and then we can have sex. When we came out of the consulting room and she was smiling at me. I was embraced hearing all those. We came back to her flat and called him to inform this happy news.

He asked me to take good care of her as he is not there. So I used to visit her on every evening. Days passed and she became weak due to pregnancy. So she asked me to arrange a maid for the house hold works. The maid used to come in the morning 7.30am and would leave at 6pm. So she asked me to stay with her in the flat as she need some help at night and I shifted to her flat and we became more close to each other.

I was not having any bad intensions with her. It was a single bedroom flat and I used to lie on the sofa in the hall. One evening she asked me to take her out as she is getting board. So I decided to take her out and I took the car from my friend as I feared to take her in bike. We wandered through the marine drive and had food from a restaurant. After that we planned to go for a second show.

It was a romantic English film and there were some hot scenes in it. We reached the flat back at 12. She then asked me to sit with her in her room for some time. We sat on her bed and started chatting. During it she asked me do I remember what doctor had told us during the first consultation. I was not remembering anything and told her so. Then she asked me whether I was having any GF or what.

I told her no. then she readily asked me “Are you a virgin?” and I nodded in affirmation. She then asked me about watching blue films and all. I was a little bit shy to share such kind of things with her and hesitated a little bit. But she kept asking and I told her yes. Then she asked me whether I am having anything currently with me. There was a collection in my laptop and I told her so. She demanded me to play it for her.

I was in confusion about what to do. She started forcing me and at last I took my lap and gave it to her. She asked me to play my favorite one for her. I played it and handed lap over to her and began to leave the room. But she took hold of my hand asked me to sit beside her and kept the lap on the bed. I was getting a hard on watching a girl giving blowjob to her partner. I was wearing a jeans and it was visible through my tight jeans.

So I took a pillow and placed on my lap in order to hide it from her. But she had already seen it. She was leaning to my shoulder and all of a sudden she kissed me on my cheek. An electric shock passed through my body. When I turned towards her she was looking at me with lustful eyes. I felt like she is begging me for it. She told me that she is starving for sex for the last three months and she needs it desperately. I was confused what to do?

She started to suck my lips atones. I was melt in it and hugged her. I started enjoying the kiss. I sucked her lips too and then inserted my tongue in her mouth and started exploring each and every portion of it. Her saliva tasted good for me. We were playing with our tongues and continued it for almost half an hour. Then we parted and looked at each others eyes. She started unbuttoning my shirt removed it and I started to fondle her boobs over her top.

She was wearing a pink churidar with a zipper at the back. I opened the zip and touched her bare back and ran my fingers over there. I pulled the top and it fell down. She was now in her white bra. I started kissing her neck and moved downwards. I licked her cleavage. Her white boobs were so cute in that laced bra and her pink erected nipples were also visible through that semitransparent one. I unfastened the bra and removed it.

She put her left nipple in my mouth and I started sucking it and at the same time crushed the other one with my left hand. She started moaning with pleasure. I sucked both of her boobs and then moved further down to her belly. She had very deep navel and I filled it with my saliva and licked it. She was running her fingers through my hair. Then I untied her salwar and removed it along with her pink panties. She had nicely trimmed triangle.

It was bulged outwards. I felt the smell of her pussy and it was intoxicating me. She was really wet by then. I started licking her pussy. She pushed my head into her along with a loud moan. I fucked her with my tongue and she came into my mouth. My face was all drenched with her come. She pulled me up and licked all her come from my face and cleaned it. She then rolled over me and started biting my nipples. It felt so good for me.

Then she took my tool and stroked him and started sucking him hard. She bites gently on its head and rounded her tongue through the sides of its head, started taking him deep into her throat. She was an expert in it. I came inside here within 2 minutes and she swallowed all of it and continued to suck until it became hard again. Now she lay there on her back and invited me to come inside her. She widened her legs and led my tool with her hands to her hole.

Though she was not a virgin, her pussy was tight. I had to push hard to enter her. She locked her legs on my hip and controlled my movements. As it was my first time it took some time for me to get into the ritham. Then I started fucking her hard. Her pussy was tight that I could not control my moans neither do her. We were both in some other world. And after 35 minutes of banging I came inside her and lay on her body for some time.

When I came to my senses, I asked her how it was for her. She told me that she had came twice in between it and kissed me hard. We had one more section again that day. We continued to fuck even in her 10th month of pregnancy. I had used all her holes. She was virgin in her ass and I was the one to break its virginity. After delivery I used to dink her milk at the same time with her baby. We were forced to use protection after her delivery to avoid pregnancy. Nishad came to visit them after an year and even then we were having sex and she is pregnant again now and it’s my child who is in her womb which only both of us knew.

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